Above and Below the World


About this site

This website is about sharing from our eyes the world we know and what we most love. To do that we have splitted this site into 5 main categories:

  1. ‘Above’ is all about hiking, hiking trails, trail running, wildlife encounters, .. Here you will find out information about trip duration, best time to go, possible wildlife to see, etc.
  2. Our experiencies underwater can be found under ‘Below’ where diving tips, remote locations, and much more will be explained.
  3. ‘Above and Below travelling’ is the way we understand travelling and discovering the world; go to one place and experience not only the nature, mountains and trails that can be reached on foot but the underwater world that is below, so then we can have the entire picture of what that place is.
  4. The ‘EcoSource’ tab is a special category where we want to thank all the organizations trying to help and improve our world, such us restoring natural sites, protecting and helping the wildlife or promoting local people sustainable development. Also you will find here ecotips and other ecofrendly solutions!
  5. Finally if you are wondering how we keep fit to be ready for all this activities, in the ‘Training tips’ tab you will find out plenty of ideas to easily plan a workout session, running and to keep fit, mentaly strong and healthy!

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