Above and Below the World

excitement for planning, living and telling experiences in nature, all over the world. Discover them with us!

What will you find on this site?

A&B trips, hiking, diving, training sessions, … and much more!

  1. Above & Below travelling: It is the way we understand to travel and discover the world; Because for us to discover a place fully, it is to discover both its land and mountains, above, and its nature and landscapes under the sea.
  2. Above: Here we will describe in detail our hiking trails, with information on the routes, kms, help maps, .. Adventures to discover the ‘above’ of the place
  3. Below: Here you will find our divelog with information about the dives but also about different activities at sea.
  4. Ecosource: Special space of appreciation and list of organizations that are trying to help our planet, with activities such as restoring the natural environment, protecting biodiversity or promoting the sustainable development of communities. You will also find ecotips and ecosolutions.
  5. Training tips: Where you can find different types of training to be fit, avoid possible injuries and be able to carry out all these activities in the best possible way!

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