Above and Below the World

about us

We are 2 nature lovers who enjoy outdoor activities and who are always seeking and planning our next adventure.

We both share a great enthusiasm for discovering new places and enjoying nature and landscapes ‘above’ and ‘below’ the water. The islands are our best allies 🙂

About Eli..

Born in the Pyrenees, she is a “mountain” person. Passionate about discovering remote places and new landscapes walking or running, and she is a birds lover. Since she was a kid, she has practiced athletics, competing in several Spanish championships, her personal record is 39’27 in 10km and 1h33 ‘in half marathon (Spanish sub27F champion in 2015).

With Edu she has complemented his passion for the sea.

About Edu..

Nature lover and every animal he finds on his way. Diver from the age of 8!

Currently is divemaster with more than 800 dives in his record, he has traveled the world diving. He is fascinated by sharks; the tiger shark is his favorite shark. He is also a yacht skipper and practices dinghy and catamaran sailing.

With Eli he has complemented his passion for the mountains.

We self-plan all the activities we do to travel to non-tourist places and essentially in nature and outdoors through experiences that take us out of our comfort zone.

Sometimes this means facing perhaps more difficulties or unforeseen situations, but they are undoubtedly more rewarding.

For this we continuously train in mountaineering, safety in high mountains, diving, and at sea.

Before traveling ... Time to plan!

  1. We look for information about the area: nature, climate, mountains, diving spots, etc.
  2. We search routes and other people experiences, at wikiloc, guides and travel blogs, etc. And we consult maps of the area.
  3. We define the best possible route for our trip and manually create the Above routes in the Garmin “BaseCamp” application, reviewing distances, kilometers, elevation, …
  4. We directly contact local accommodations or services to book in advance, such as mountain huts, as well as diving clubs in the area. 
  5. We make the last fine tuning and export the routes to our GPSs (we use Garmin).
  6. Finally, we review all the necessary equipment.
Actividad de planificar rutas en casa

After planning ... Time to travel!

We try to stick to the plan as much as possible, but unexpected things always happen! And this is also the beauty of traveling, you can meet wild animals, people who like to share and to help you, beautiful landscapes … and who knows?

Traveling is a way of learning, from ourselves, from others and from any being on Earth. Be inspired by all the wonderful things that surround you, it’s just happiness.

After traveling .. Time to share our adventure!

In this phase we organize and edit all the images and videos of the activity. We upload the hiking rout to wikiloc from the GPS with all the milestones. We also transfer all the divelogs with the information stored in the dive computers. And finally, we write each and every one of our posts and summaries with our experiences.

We also like sharing images and information on our social media such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter during the trip or immediately after coming back.

We enjoy each and every phase of the trip and in this endless process we would like to thank you for reading us and traveling with us through this website, which we have created ourselves.

Finally, we want to hear from you! We love hearing about other people’s experiences, any kind of feedback, comments, new ideas or suggestions you may have … and we will gladly answer you !!

discover the world.. above and below!

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