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Hiking Les Fonts de Terrassa – Montserrat

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  • Starting and ending point: Les Fonts (Terrassa) – Montserrat Monastery
  • Distance and durartion: 36 km | 8h30′
  • Elevation: +1.600 m /-1.100 m
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Type of route: Lineal

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We take advantage of the longest day of the year to do a route that we have been talking about for a long time… we are going to the Montserrat monastery from Terrassa!

It is a long and demanding route on a hot day, in which we will discover unexpected natural landscapes in a humanized environment.

Les Fonts de Terrassa - Montserrat.

9:30h (8h30' en movimiento) 36km +1.600m/-1.100m

Views to la Mola

We get up at 5 in the morning and at 5.45 am we are already walking, a long and very hot day awaits us so we decided to start as early as possible.

We leave from the FCG station of Les Fonts and soon we connect with the dirt road of the Rubi forest, here we stop to take photos of the spectacular sunrise, leaving behind Montseny. We have very nice views of La Mola and Montseny and Terrassa below.


We continue along an easy track and shortly after we will have an asphalt section to cross the C-16 overhead. Once we have crossed, we continue along the track towards Ullastrell where we will pass some residential areas. Then we cross the road from Terrassa to Martorell, here you have to watch out for the passing of cars.

From here we return to the dirt road, it is GR but it is a bit closed and with a lot of hedges, we had short pants but long would have been good! We continue, and now the road becomes a dirt track that is wider and better to walk, we pass a horse riding school and then we stop for breakfast (8.30am).

GR6 track

Indications (we will also follow yellow marks)

Some section where the vegetation has “eaten” the track

We always continue along easy tracks through the forest, later we will pass the works of the B-40 still under construction, what a destruction of the forest to this never finished road! Once past the road and after passing a farmhouse, we come to St. Jaume river, and here the GR is so full of bushes that make it impassable, so we decided to go along the river that runs parallel to the GR.

This stretch of river is well 5 or 6 km but it is very fun, we go through pebbles and creek vegetation, there is always water but it does not reach more than ankle and we have no problem tp gp through, in fact, people pass by and there are stones placed to make the step easier. Just reaching the end, there is a concrete dam that we will have to overcome, but 2 people helpping each other you can “jump”.

Walking along the St. Jaume stream

After passing the small dam of the stream

Once past the stream, we go up a dirt track until we reach a road, BV-1211 (where there are some curious rock formations), watch out for cars! And after about 300m we take a dirt track to the left uphill but always easy. We will go up to see the Sant Pere de Sacalm hermitage (10.30 am) where we can see Montserrat closer and closer! We stopped for a moment to eat some nuts and we continued the way.

Unique geological formations

Sant Pere de Sacama Hermitage

From here the terrain is more mountainous, we leave the tracks to take trails, and we are surprised by the beauty of this place! We take advantage and go up to Sant Salvador de les Espases (12:30 pm), from where the views of Montserrat are spectacular!

Views of Montserrat and Sant Salvador de les Espases

We continue the way along these trails of ascents and descents until we reach an easy track that borders the Pla de las Bruixes, we continue straight parallel to the train tracks to the Llobregat river until we reach the Montserrat cable car station. Here we make another short stop (2:00 p.m.), after which we cross the tracks by passing the same station and only the ascent to Montserrat remains.

It is an intense climb, that at noon in the heat of summer, we are doing little by little and by 15:15 we are already up, in the Monastery. What happiness! We stop to calmly eat our sandwiches and once recovered we take public transport to return (rack railway + Cercanías + TFG) in less than 2 hours we are already in Terrassa, and very satisfied!

Recommendation: Although we have seen a fountain somewhere, we must bring a lot of water since at this time of year it is very hot and we will hardly find safe water points until we reach the Monastery itself.

Montserrat Monastery

Arrival at the Montserrat Monastery

More inf at:

  • Montserrat Monastery Web
  • Montserrat Monastery Rack Railway timetables Web

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