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Winter climb to Mulleres peak (3.010m)

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Categoria de Alpinismo - Alpine activity in winter


  • Starting and ending point: La Renclusa hut
  • Distance and durartion: 17 km | 11h
  • Elevation: +1.340 m /-1.340 m
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Type of route: Circular

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Map and profile of the trip:

Beautiful and demanding 4-day winter outing to visit some of the emblematic peaks of the Posets-Maladeta Natural Park, in the municipality of Benasque. Only the landscapes here with these great white mountain ranges are already worth any visit during the winter months.

Among the many ascents and excursions in the area, we will climb the Maladeta peak (3,308m) and the Mulleres peak (3,010m), these are 2 independent routes, which start from the Renclusa refuge. In total 4 days, where the first day will be an approach by car to the Parking of Llanos del Hospital + 2h to the refuge and the last day, the same but in reverse to return home.

DAY 3: Classic ascent to Mulleres peak (3.010m)

11h ( 10h in movement) 17 km +1.340m/-1.340m

Long winter route that will take us to discover some really impressive and very lonely places in this part of the Pyrenees, where from the Pico de Mulleres we will enjoy splendid views of the entire Pyrenees, with the Aneto in the foreground.

After having slept and rested in the Renclusa refuge, where the day before we climbed the Maladeta peak, we are heading today to climb the Mulleres peak.

After breakfast, we leave at 8:00 in the morning, just as the day begins to dawn. We go down the path that goes to the Besurta car park but before arriving we take the GR 11.5 (there is no loss, a sign indicates the direction) towards the Forau de Aiguallut, there we have a viewpoint to see the ‘hole’ where all the water that comes from the Aneto massif becomes underground and a little further on we find the Aiguallut waterfalls.

Aiguallut waterfalls

Once past the waterfall we will find the beautiful Aiguallut plateau.

Aiguallut plateau

Just past the plain, we have to take the path to enter the access gorge to the Escaleta valley, where from here the route becomes very beautiful and lonely.

Access to the gorges of the Escaleta valley

But beware!! If we do not carry crampons and ice axe, it will surely not be possible for us to cross the gorges in the winter months. It is not difficult, but there is a vertical icy wall about 4 meters that you have to go through with crampons and ice axe. So here we will change our snowshoe for crampons and ice ax and we will cross the gorge without problem.

Vertical wall section in the gorge to Escaleta valley

Once past the gorge, we put on our snowshoe again (since the snow is very soft and if not, we sink). Here the landscape is really fabulous, plains with lakes with the white mountains in the background and a great solitude; we are fascinated by so much beauty.

Escaleta valley

Escaleta valley

We pass the lakes and from here the path begins to get steeper and steeper. The climb is quite long, where many times it seems that we see the top but it is not, we have to keep going.

Finally, if we see the objective of the day, in a halo of light sorrounding the mountain, waw how beautiful!

Atmospheric alo, climbing towards the Mulleres

We skirt the peak to the right, we continue advancing up the long and uphill climb (on snowshoe) until we almost reach the top, where the snow is too frozen, demands us to put on our crampons to attack the final section to the peak.

Long climb to Mulleres

And we finally reached the top. It has been about 6h of walking to the top since we have left the refuge this morning, but it is really worth it, do not be discouraged and finish climbing to the end! 🙂

Views of the Maladeta and Aneto massif from the top pf the Mulleres

Views from Mulleres top

At Mulleres top

After enjoying the views, you can see the Aneto up close and the entire Maladeta massif from another perspective, and spending a while on the ridge (it is not very windy and the day is good) we go down the same path as we have climbed, passing again through the vertical wall in the gorge of the Escaleta.

Section with crampons and ice axe when entering the Escaleta gorge

We arrived at the Aiguallut plateau with the sunset, beautiful, and here we decided to shorten going up the Renclusa pass and finally descending to the hut (we do this section at night with our headlamps on, but we are lucky because a peaceful night accompanies us and starry, very beautifull).

Aiguallut plateau

We finally arrived at the hut, very very tired but very happy and satisfied. It’s just 7:00 p.m., time to arrive, take off our boots and have dinner!

Our faces when we arrived to the hut after 11h trakking.

Going up to the Mulleres peak from the Renclusa hut represents a magnificent journey that we consider difficult due to its duration (11h in winter) and due to the fact of having to change from snowshoes to crampons and ice axe in the access through the gorges to the Escaleta Valley and in the final section to the Mulleres peak.

DAY 4: DĂ­a de vuelta. Return day. Renclusa hut - Llanos del Hospital Parking

1h40min 6,3km -450m

We return exactly where we climbed the first day to the refuge, see the previous route up to La Maladeta. And once at the parking lot, we take the car and calmly towards Terrassa.

We have really enjoyed these winter mountaineering days, with these wonderful white landscapes. Without a doubt, wanting to repeat!

For more information and recommendations of the day:

  • Recommended equipment: Winter clothing, ARVA, shovel and probe, crampons and ice axe, GPS
  • La Renclusa Hut:
    • Half board price for federated: 35 euros/day
    • Link for reservations
    • Good facilities, rooms with individual bunk beds, hot showers without paying extra, the guards are always very attentive and knowledgeable about the area, excellent food and a fantastic mountain atmosphere.

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