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Corsica Above and Below was undoubtedly a fantastic way to discover the island on foot and underwater. It represented a challenge, both physically demanding as well as preparation and logistics, in addition to the circumstances and uncertainty that we were experiencing due to the covid 19 in the middle of the summer of 2020. Even so it was a great success, we are very happy and proud to have been able to make this trip and now know a little more about this island, which is home to so many natural treasures!

With this Corsica travel guide for hiking and diving we summarize the most interesting of our time in Corsica and hope that it will serve as a source of inspiration for your trip.

Travel summary

  • Destination: Corsica, France
  • Total duration: 21 days
  • Dates: August 2020
  • Transport to destination: Car + ferry


Above duration: 12 days

Route: GR 20


Below duration: 7 days

Location: Coast of Corsica

Description of the trip

Day 0 and 1st: Approaching travel days

Friday, August 7th, after a day of working from home, we left with the camperized car ready, as well as all the equipment preparared: camping kit, hiking backpacks for high mountain and the diving gear and bags. We start 3 weeks of vacation! We will spend tonight in the resting area of ‘Passage de Oullier’, (5 hours by road from Terrassa, in France).

The next day we got up early to go to the ferry in Toulon that leaves at 7:00 am. At 2:00 p.m. we arrived in Corcega, Ille Rousse (to the north) after a very pleasant trip. We leave the ferry and with the car we go towards the beginning of the GR20, Conca (to the south). At 5:00 p.m. we arrive at the Gite de la Tonnelle, where we will sleep and leave the car there during the planned hiking for the next 12 days.

For more information, check out the summary and the route by days:

14th day: Travel day to pick up the car in Conca

After finishing the GR20 and after relaxing and spending the night in Calvi, the next day it was time to pick up the car at La Gité la Tonnelle, in Conca. For this we had to take a first bus to Cazzamoza and there take a second bus to Santa Lucia de Porto Vechio. Once in this town there are only 5km to Conca, which you either can take another bus, hitchhike (it was our option) or walk up the road.

Once at the Tonnelle, we took the car and drove to a campsite in Palombaggia area to start our Below week the next day.

For more information, check out the Corsican diving guide and dive logs by day:

Besides diving, during these days we were also able to do other activities, such as visiting Calvi, Bonifaccio and Ajaccio; one of the most beautiful cities in Corsica, day trips through the Gulf of Porto area, such as the Calanques de Piana or the beautiful chestnut route in the small rural town of Evisa, or simply enjoy the good gastronomy of this island .

For more information on what to do and see in Corsica, check out the following post:

21st and 22nd days: Travelling back home

We had the ferry back from Ajaccio at 10pm, so we spent the day visiting this city and catch the ferry at night. We arrived in Toulon at 6 am on Sunday, July 30th and we only had lefte 6 hours of road to arrive home, Terrassa.

How to get around the island?

We opted to camper our car and thus be able to sleep in it. We love to travel this way as it gives us a lot of flexibility and by having a 4×4 instead of a camper we can move more gracefully on back roads or dirt tracks.

Although this way of traveling will not have all the comforts of the world, being able to be immersed in nature, getting up with a hot coffee watching the sunrise in a remote place, … it is priceless!

Corcega GR20 Corsica

Our site at camping de Les, Bonifaccio

Además, la isla dispone de muchos campings, bien localizados y preparados. Aquí dejamos un poquito más de información de los que nos hospedamos nosotros (en ningun sitio reservamos con anterioridad):

In addition, the island has many campsites, well located and prepared. Here we leave a little more information about the ones where we stayeds (we did not book previously, just drop in and ask for a place):

  • Palombaggia: Camping U-Pirellu: 67€ for 2 days, 2 people in a camperized car with electricity (small camping but with everything needed. Quite a lot of tourists and noise)
  • Bonifaccio: Camping des Les: 54€ for 2 days, 2 people in a camperized car with electricity (highly recommended camping; spacious, very pleasant and in a natural environment)
  • Evisa: Camping Acciola: 19,5€ for 1 day, 2 people with a camper car without electricity (pleasant but very simple camping, beautiful views of the mountains)
  • Playa Gradelle: Camping Gradelle: 30,5€ for 1 day, 2 people in a camperized car with electricity (camping in the middle of nature, beautiful setting north of the Gulf of Porto)
  • Porto: Camping Funtana l’Ora: 51€ for 2 days, 2 people in a camperized car with electricity (correct camping with quite a lot of people but with enough space and services)

And so far our Above and Below Corsica trip. Super happy with how everything was and already with a piece of this fantastic island in our hearts 🙂

Discover the world… above and below!

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