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Volcanoes, nature, human arts, adventure, paradisiacal beaches, deserts, ravines, marine reserves… This is what you will find in this Lanzarote y La Graciosa Travel Guide. Pure Above and Below and much more. We did not imagine so much beauty and so many different landscapes every day. Trekking Lanzarote and the small island of La Graciosa was an experience that really fascinated us and made us fall in love with its people.

A demanding trip in terms of logistics but the planning and effort was really worth it.

Islands that we propose here to enjoy hiking and diving!

Travel summary

  • Destination: Lanzarote, Islas Canarias
  • Total duration: 17 days
  • Dates: September 2020
  • Transport to destination: Airplane


Above duration: 9 days

Route: Tailor made route


Below duration: 5 days

Location: Caleta del Sebo, la Graciosa

Description of the trip Lanzarote and La Graciosa:

Day 1: Approaching and preparations

We are so excited! Today begins our great journey to discover Lanzarote and La Graciosa, its mountains and oceans and we couldn’t be happier.

We arrive at Arrecife airport at noon and go to take a rental car for 1 day. Then we go to the Supermarket to prepare 2 packages of non-perishable food to leave in the accommodations on our route without a supermarket nearby:

Food package for day 3: Joy House (small urbanization without supermarket, Muñique)

Food package for day 6: Monoa Ecohouse (isolated house under Mount Corona)

Lanzarote y la Graciosa, gran travesia 2020

Preparing the bags of food to take to the lodgings, with the rental car.

Previously notified (always very friendly, they did not put us any problem in keeping our bags) we went to distribute the food packages to these two accommodations.

In addition, we also went to the port of Órzola (place in Lanzarote where ferries are taken to go to La Graciosa) to leave our diving bags at the Romero ferry lines. La Graciosa Diving Center kindly offered to pick them up and keep them until we arrived at this second island, the final destination of our diving trip.

We end the day in the town of Yaiza where we will spend the night

Day 2: Tremesana route

In the morning we will do the Tremesana guided route. This is a very interesting naturalistic route that takes place within the Timanfaya National Park, in an area that is not open to the public.

This guided route is for free but you need to sign up in advance on the official website of the Timanfaya National Park.

In the afternoon we head towards Playa Blanca, south of Lanzarote. That will be the starting point of our great hiking journey. We return the car at the port office and enjoy the remaining afternoon doing a great snorkel in Playa Flamingo.


Our trekking route was a 8 days long journey, with a total distance of 193 km and total elevation of +5,400/-5,400m.

We designed this journey to go through the wildest and most natural places we could find on these two islands, such as: the coastal road in the Timanfaya National Park, the Corona Blanca crater and the Corona Volcano Monument, in Lanzarote. Montaña Amarilla and Las Conchas beach, in La Graciosa.

Lanzarote 6,5 days trekking trip summary:
- Lanzarote trekking route day by day posts:

On the seventh day of the trekking, at noon, we arrived at Órzola, the end of the Lanzarote trekking part. Here we took the 11:00 a.m. ferry to Graciosa (the trip takes approximately 30 minutes). This vert same day, in the afternoon, we started our second part of the trekking journey, now in La Graciosa.

La Graciosa 1.5 days trekking trip summary:
- La Graciosa day by day posts:

Day 11 to 16: DIVING IN LA GRACIOSA: 5 DAYS + 1 free day (so we can take our plane!)

Just the day after finishing the trek we started diving on the island of La Graciosa, with accommodation in an apartment in Caleta del Sebo, arranged by the same diving center.

- La Graciosa diving posts:

After the dive we stayed one more day on the island since we cannot take planes until 24 hours after the last dive. We take the opportunity to snorkel, rest and enjoy these last few hours on this remote and beautiful island of the Canary Islands.

Day 17: Back to home trip

La Graciosa diving center arranged the ferry and transfer to Arrecife airport, where we took the flight back to home.

For more information you can reed our guide about Qué ver y hacer en Lanzarote y la Graciosa

Special Thanks

Finally, THANK YOU to all the good people that we have always met on this trip, really, THANKS a lot!! Special mention to:

  1. Magali Naitja, our dear friend, for her great advice before arriving on the island.
  2. Mr. Cabrera, active defender and founder of the naturalist association of Amigos de las Pardelas Reales (Shearwater sea birds Friends), for opening the doors of his house in Caleta del Sebo and explaining us a little about the nature of the island of Graciosa
  3. La Graciosa Diving Center for helping us in the management of our diving bags from the first moment and the great kindness and service offered.
  4. To all the accommodations in Lanzarote for accepting, very kindly, to keep us a small bag with food until the day of our arrival, and for their concern that everything went well for us.
  5. Blogs that we used as a reference for planning our journey:
    1. Sendero y manta Lanzarote y la Graciosa
    2. Daquiaqui Lanzarote
    3. Daquiaqui la Graciosa
Lanzarote y la Graciosa, gran travesia 2020

Somewhere in our Great Trekking Route in lanzarote – La Graciosa.. 😊

And here we finish our trip Lanzarote and the Graciosa Above and Below. Super happy with how everything went, both hiking and diving, on these two fantastic islands.

We leave with a piece of the Canary Islands in our Hearts!

Discover the world… above and below!

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