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  • Date & place: 28/08/2020 | Porto Bay, Mediterran sea
  • Level: Advanced
  • External & underwater conditions: Windy and wavy | Good, without currents
  • Duration, visibility & water Tª: 66 min | Very good (+20 m) | 25 ºC
  • Max. depth & Gas: 27 m | Air
  • Surface time:  – 

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Categoria de buceo - diving activity



Porto Bay is a beautiful gulf located in the town of  the same name, Porto. It is registered in the UNESCO World  Heritage since 1983 along with Calanques de Piana, to the south and the Scandola reserve and Cape Girolata, to the north.

The gulf, located in the heart of the Regional Natural Park of Corsica, is splendid, with its red granite cliffs that dominate the sea, this area really offers beautiful views to the sea and to the mountains.

Diving lovers will find many good dives in this area, such as Capo Rosso, Scopa, Scandola, Monte Rosso and Ficajola, where biodiversity abounds, in rock bottoms with poseidonea. We will enjoy rock walls with many cavities and canyons where we will enjoy diving with groupers, dentex, moray eels, nudibranchs and red coral, among many other species.

Porto Bay: Scopa dive site

As in the previous day, we get up early, have breakfast and around 8:30 a.m. we go down to the diving club in Porto. Before 9 am we are there, we park and we go for our equipment and prepare for the first dive of the day!

This time we change the dive site, great! The day before, due to the strong wind, we could only go to Ficajola site doing the 2 dives of the day there. See Ficajola dive log

Scopa’s point is located north of the Gulf of Porto, just before reaching the Gulf of Girolata. The landscape between reddish cliffs is simply breathtaking.

Cliffs of the natural reserve of the Gulf of Porto, reaching the Scopa dive point

Cliffs of the natural reserve of the Gulf of Porto, reaching the Scopa dive point

We are 4 plus the guide. At first a girl has trouble to compensate and the guide goes up to look for her. Finally we get down and we are advancing all together through the rock bottom with posidonia and the cliffs of about 30m high, entering towards the bottom of the sea, it is jsut beautiful.

During the tour we see groupers, anemones with fluttering little fish, salps, sargus, groupers, moray eels, some lobsters, a phycidae hidden in a dark hole, … in general a lot of life and activity.

Diving Golfo de Porto Corcega agosto 2020

Curious moray eel in a hole in the rock

Group of diplodus vulgaris

Group of salpas eating seaweed off the rocks

We go up looking between the cracks in the rock wall until we reach some shallow stones, about 2/3 m from the surface, very cool! Having to go over it we put our buoyancy to the test 😊

This landscape in contrast to the rock bottom is so beautiful, with so much light, even the salps shine with their yellow colors. After this section we go back down a bit to continue diving a little deeper and we finish the dive by returning to the boat.

Shallow area of the dive

Salps close-up, they continue eating seaweed 🙂

In general, a dive with many contrasts and different environments with a lot of life, we liked it a lot!

Returning to Porto, overlooking the cliffs of the Gulf of Porto

Around 12:00 pm we return to the club, we leave the equipment dripping and we go to eat our sandwiches, next to the port with views of the bay.

We rest for a while and at 2:00 p.m. we return to the club for the 2nd dive of the day, which will be in Ficajola as in the previous day, due to the wind conditions see dive log Ficajola.

In the club we photograph the dive sites of the Gulf of Porto area:

Dive sites in the Gulf of Porto reserve, from Capo Rosso to Scandola

Dive sites in the Gulf of Porto reserve, from Capo Rosso to Scandola

In general, very happy to dive in this reserve, a natural enclave with wonderful landscapes of red cliffs falling into the sea, although we would have liked to be able to visit other dive sites; Out of 4 dives, 3 have been in Ficajola and 1 in Scopa, we leave happy and with a small sample of all the great biodiversity that this waters awaits for us!

More information about Porto diving club:

  • Good access by car and free parking near the club.
  • Equipment can be cleaned with fresh water but there are no showers, toilets or changing rooms
  • Link to website
  • We recommend in the area:
    • Visit the Calanques de Piana and the forests southern Gulf of Porto
    • Snorkel in the natural beach of La Gradelle (spend the night in the same campsite) north of the Gulf of Porto
    • Visit the Scandola reserve, by boat or diving!

For more information on other Corsican dive sites, read our DIVING GUIDE IN CORSICA

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Categoria de buceo - diving activity
Categoria de buceo - diving activity
Categoria de buceo - diving activity
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