Buceo Golfo de Porto Corcega agosto 2020. Diving guide

Corsica Diving Guide

We present this Corsica Diving Guide where we collect different diving areas of this fantastic Mediterranean island, ideal for diving and many other sea activities. On the other hand, with its great mountain ranges, we will enjoy beautiful coastal landscapes with cliffs of different colors that will really surprise us.


This island has different nature reserves such as Finocchiarola (north), Tre Padule de Suartone and the Cerbicale Islands (Southeast), Lavezzi Islands (south) and the famous reserve of Scandola and the Gulf of Porto (Northwest), declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

Although due to lack of time we were unable to go to the Finocchiarola reserve in the north, we were able to go to the other 3 dive sites:

Loation of the best diving spots in Corsica

Diving on this island will take us to discover rich rock bottoms with posidonia, dive with groupers, moray eels, diplodus, jacks, … and many other species of the Mediterranean sea among spectacular submerged rock canyons.

Additionally, lovers of macro life will be amazed at the number of nudibranchs and other tiny species of flora and fauna that this island is home to. There is also the possibility of exploring different shipwrecks around the island (although we did not have the opportunity to go to any such dive).


Useful information:

  • We stayed 1 more week after doing the GR20 hiking the GR20 from south to north, to dive and discover the coast of Corsica. It is best, if possible, to reserve at least two days per area. This way we can prevent bad weather from leaving us without diving.
  • In the Strait of Bonifaccio the wind can blow a lot, so it is possible that the planned dives will be canceled, and in this case, better to have a plan B.
  • Call the diving center in advance to book your dives. We found the dive centers through this website.
  • In summer time water temperature is 25ºC (up to approximately -15/-20m), a wet suit is enough.
  • The visibility is generally very good, being able to enjoy clear water where the view reaches more than 20 meters away. Only in Bonifaccio it was  smaller, about 10 meters.
  • The current was scarce in the different dives. Again it was Bonofaccio where conditions were most adverse. This is due to the strait of the same name that separates the island of Corsica from Sardinia.
  • Although we brought our scuba gear, in all the centers we went to, they had top brand material to rent, in case you prefer to travel lighter.
  • We moved around the island with our camper car, spending the night in campsites and this gave us a lot of flexibility and autonomy, plus we love this way of traveling!
  • It is highly recommended to snorkel at Palombaggia beach (south of PortoVechio) and Gradelle beach (in the Gulf of Porto, and spend the night in the same campsite). Also the beaches around Bonifaccio are natural and very beautiful.
 To complete the Above and Below Corsica travelling, keep reading the Above!

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