Qué ver y hacer en Lanzarote, 2020. What to see and do in Lanzarote.

What to see and do in Lanzarote

Nature and volcanoes, paradisiacal natural beaches, hiking, diving, sunset walks, enjoying a home-cooked meal,… in Lanzarote there are endless activities to do and to discover: its nature, its culture and its spectacular corners of this Canary Island!

In this guide on what to see and do in Lanzarote, we present you interesting ideas to prepare your trip to Lanzarote, and La Graciosa, a beautiful little island north of Lanzarote that deserves a visit.

In this guide, What to see and do in Lanzarote, we recommend you our 6 essentials, we hope you find it useful to plan your vacations!

1. Hiking

Lanzarote and La Graciosa, are undoubtedly two islands to discover with a backpack, they have a wide network of marked trails that pass through beautiful places: mountains, rural trails, desert beaches, … and in many occasions, we will enjoy alone this magnificent nature.

We recommend 100% to make some walking routes, either one day or several days, since the island has multiple possibilities.

Here are some ideas:

1.1 Great walks

Camino de Hacha Granda a Femes, senderismo Lanzarote - La graciosa dia 1 septiembre 2020

Day 1 of our Lanzarote Trekking Route

The routes Lanzarote: Trekking Route in 6.5 days  y La Graciosa: Trekking Route in 2 days  that we completed. On both islands, we designed the routes ourselves.

Our proposal is a journey of 8 days in total (6,5 in Lanzarote and 1,5 in La Graciosa), of 193km and +5.400/-5.400m of elevation gain, where we will pass through the most emblematic natural sites of the islands.

In Lanzarote there is the GR 131, which crosses from north to south the island of Lanzarote, but the path passes through towns and roads. In our opinion, it misses a great part, the natural monuments of this island. In La Graciosa there is no GR, and we found some sections without signposted paths, but they are easy to follow.

1.2 Day walks

Caldera Blanca. Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Día 3. Septiembre 2020

Mount Corona, during day 3 of our Lanzarote Trekking Route

As we have indicated, there are many options. Day hiking, hiring tour guides,…  Here are some websites of interest:

2. Diving and onland activities

Buceo en la Graciosa: Roncadores. Lanzarote 2020

Lanzarote and La Graciosa have a great marine life and a very good infrastructure to practice any aquatic activity. La Graciosa in particular, enjoys being located in the largest marine reserve in Europe, so diving here is highly recommended.

For more details, see our LA GRACIOSA DIVING GUIDE

2.1 Snorkel

Playa de Papagayo, senderismo Lanzarote - La graciosa dia 1 septiembre 2020

Papagayo beach, Lanzarote

We had the opportunity to practice snorkeling, both during our crossing in Lanzarote, as well as on our free day during our dive in La Graciosa. Here are the beaches we liked the most:


  • Flamingo beach, in Playa Blanca. Highly recommended for its marine life and easy access. Access: from the promenade of the village.
  • Papagayo beach. In a beautiful natural enclave, we will enjoy a very good snorkeling with lots of marine life. Access: Walking from Playa Blanca is about 6/7 km. By car by dirt road. It has a parking lot and a small bar.
  • Del Río becah. Maybe the snorkeling is not so good, but the beach and the views to La Graciosa are worth the visit. Access: Walking, by the path of the Gracioseros (40min downhill and 50min uphill approximately), it is necessary to go with adequate mountain shoes.
Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Día 7. Septiembre 2020

French beach, La Graciosa


  • Montaña Amarilla beach: The best snorkeling in Lanzarote and La Graciosa is here, full of life and in a paradisiacal environment,… but it is a small beach and can be very crowded. Access: (by dirt road) Walking from Caleta de Sebo: 1 hour, or you can also rent a bike. There is the option to rent a 4×4 to Playa Francesa + 20min walk.
  • French beach: Natural beach with beautiful views of the Famara cliff of Lanzarote. Access: (by dirt road) Walking from Caleta del Sebo about 40 minutes or you can hire a 4×4 or rent a mountain bike.

2.2 Surfing

Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Día 8. Septiembre 2020

Las Conchas beach, La Graciosa

We did not surf, but we saw many surf lovers practicing this sport. Here are the most memorable beaches:

  • Famara beach.In Caleta de Famara, Lanzarote. It is known worldwide for its good waves, the whole town is about surfing: surfboard rental, instructors, classes,… Access: by road, from the village of Caleta de Famara.
  • Las Conchas beach. Beautiful natural beach in La Graciosa. In addition to the good surf the environment is beautiful. Access: It is located on the other side of the island, better to rent a transport.

3. TIMANFAYA National Park

Ruta guiada Tremesana, Parque Nacional del Timanfaya, Lanzarote 2020

Views during the Tremesana Route

4. Charming towns and cities

Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Día 5. Septiembre 2020


It is very nice to visit the more rural areas and villages of white houses in the interior of the island of Lanzarote. Talking to the local people and listening to them, what a kindness! We learned a lot about their old ways of farming, the ‘rofe’, natural fig drying places,…. It is really worthwhile to get lost and let yourself go, without rushing…

Here are some of the villages that we thought were the most beautiful to visit:

  • Yaiza: Beautiful rural village perfect for its proximity to the National Park.
  • Caleta de Famara: For its surfing atmosphere and location, with fantastic views of the Famara cliff and La Graciosa island.
  • Haría: Charming village, just entering and you can breathe art, very cozy.
  • Máguez: Small village next to Haría, highly recommended for its tranquility and environment.
  • Caleta del Sebo: The village where to stay in La Graciosa, for its location and base camp to discover the island of La Graciosa. Access: By ferry from Órzola. We went with the Romero ferry lines

5. Gastronomy

Cazuela de mero para cenar. Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Día 4. Septiembre 2020

Grouper stew, at the restaurant el Risco, Caleta de Famara

Papas arrugadas (wrinkled potatoes) with mojo sauce, chickpea stew, artisan cheeses, octopus and fresh fish are typical dishes of the island.

As a condiment, the salt from the Janubio salt flats is very aromatic and highly prized.

To accompany, the best thing is to taste a wine of the island. There are many with denomination of origin, thanks to the climate and the volcanic nature of the island, these wines are unique.

We recommend:

  • Eating in a rural bar. We ate a great chickpea stew in the village bar ‘El Volcan’ in Mancha Blanca. Too bad it is now  temporarily closed.
  • Fresh fish dinner at El Risco restaurant in Caleta de Famara, we had the best grouper we have ever tasted!
  • Eating cheese from an artisan cheese factory. We passed many farms during the trip.

6. 'Birdwatching'

Birdwatching en el Jable. Travesia senderismo Lanzarote - La Graciosa Septiembre 2020

Birdwatching in the Jable desert, sighting of bustards and cream-colored courser 

Keep an eye out for birds! Lanzarote and La Graciosa are biosphere reserves and whether you are birdwatching amateurs or professionals, these two islands are of great ornithological interest.

It was very useful for us to read the publication: Descubre las aves de Lanzarote (Discover the birds of Lanzarote), which describes the places of ornithological interest with drawings of the species that can be found in each of them. We always carry a small pair of binoculars with us during our hiking trips, very practical.

En la Graciosa, existe la asociación Amigos de las Pardelas en facebook: @amigosdelaspardelas. Asociación nacida para el estudio y fomento de la conservación de las aves marinas en el Archipiélago Chinijo.

In La Graciosa, there is the association Amigos de las Pardelas on facebook: @amigosdelaspardelas. Association born for the study and promotion of the conservation of seabirds in the Chinijo Archipelago.

Lanzarote y la Graciosa, gran travesia 2020

Somewhere along the way.. 🙂

We hope you liked this little guide about what to see and do in Lanzarote and La Graciosa and that you enjoy this magical island of the Canary archipelago as much or more than we did!

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